About Compass & Vine

Our fundamental belief at Compass & Vine is that travel can be transformative. The trips that really make us tick - the ones that we remember for a lifetime - go beyond a list of destinations that we're checking off. It's about delving into experiential opportunities that allow us to truly connect with a destination and have a sense of place. Crafting those trips requires time but it also requires insider knowledge. Which tours are worth it? Which local guides should you trust? Which boutique hotels really deliver? 

We know how important your trips are and how valuable your time is. Your trip isn't about ticking off boxes, it's about enjoying new experiences and making amazing memories in exciting destinations.

That's where we come in. 

I'm Shannon

founder of COMPASS & VINE

As a child, I always dreamt of far-flung destinations and remote experiences ⏤ trekking in the Congo, seeing the Egyptian pyramids, living in London, diving in the Caribbean. When I was able to make those travel dreams a reality, I set off and haven't stopped moving since. Those experiences I dreamt about as a child? I've brought most of them to life, and have never taken my travels for granted. They've given me perspective, have shaped my views of the world, and have made me who I am today.

My journey started as a graduate student at the London School of Economics, my first time living abroad and embracing a jet set mentality while calling Europe home. I began a part-time career as a travel blogger that's since taken me around the globe to 70+ destinations over 5 continents, with many of my favorite places on repeat. Since 2013, I've been able to continue my career in the travel space as a hotelier on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, where I've spent nearly a decade hyper focused on the hotel industry, learning the ins and outs of what makes a stay and a destination extraordinary. I've connected with hotel managers and owners around the world and have made those extra special connections that help with providing insider knowledge and confidence when booking independent boutique properties. My passion is crafting experiences - just as I would with my personal travels - by designing thoughtful itineraries, choosing the best hotels to fit your needs and personality, plus curating the most unique tours and experiences to make your getaway extra memorable. 

Our Travel Services 

Our goal is to bring all of the wonder of travel without the hassle. We offer two service plans to cater to your travel needs. We'll start with a complimentary consultation call to make sure that it's a fit on both sides, then we'll move forward with planning.

For frequent travelers or organizations looking for a dedicated travel planner to handle all travel needs, we offer a small number of annual memberships available through an annual retainer fee.


Dream Big

We're all about celebrating authentic destinations with character. Ready to craft your next escape?

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