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Frequently Asked Questions

what are the service costs for trip planning?

Service fees range depending on your group size and the trip complexity but start at $250. We also work with a small number of clients on an annual retainer basis for dedicated travel service year round. 

why do you charge a travel design fee?

During the planning process, we are committed to finding what works best for you and crafting bespoke itineraries with your needs in mind. A service fee helps us ensure a mutual commitment to collaborating on your adventure. Beyond that, our goal is to find what works best for you, not to book places that deliver the highest commissions. We'll be tapping into years of knowledge and connections around the world to help bring your experiences to life.

I have airline miles to use... can you help?

The points game is my thing. I've spent years working out how to maximize my credit card miles to convert them to Business Class airfare on airlines like Qatar and Emirates for long-haul flights. Want that insight and guidance? With a slightly enhanced service fee we can focus on getting you from Point A to Point B with those points you've been accruing.

are there perks for booking with compass & vine?

Yep! Arguably, the biggest perk is saving loads of time in the planning process and gaining some insider info along the way, but the perks go beyond that. We're part of the Virtuoso network which means we have access to a fabulous global network of service providers who share some great perks with our guests like upgrades on arrival, complimentary breakfasts, resort credits and more. Additionally, Compass & Vine is aligned with exclusive invite-only programs like Four Seasons' Preferred Partner Program, Belmond's Bellini Club, Rosewood's Elite Program, Marriott STARS and more, which means great perks, additional amenities, special offers and VIP status at top properties around the world.

how much should i budget for my trip?

Ah, yes, budget. I GET IT. Figuring out a budget is an issue that I've faced in my own travels. if you haven't been to a given destination previously, it can be difficult to know what's reasonable for the getaway you have in mind. We can approach this in a couple of different ways: 1) You can provide a wishlist of what you have in mind without budget constraints, or 2) You can provide a workable budget (a range is fine) with your ideal getaway and we can work within those parameters to try and build in as many pieces as possible on your wishlist. If the destination you have in mind doesn't work with the budget you've laid out, I'll propose some alternatives that you may not have considered that I think may hit the mark.

can i make changes to the proposal?

Once we have discussed the general parameters of your trip, we will create the initial proposal(s). This is just a starting point to get us moving in the final direction, though there's a chance that our first stab will hit all the right notes for you! The more collaborative we can be and the more details you can provide with feedback, the better we'll get to know your style so we can fine-tune until we get it just right. 

what if we plan a trip and then want to change direction?

Each trip is designed from the ground up and no two trips are the same. If you decide that a trip we've designed is better saved for a future getaway, we can absolutely refocus our efforts but another trip planning fee will be required.

how do you plan trips for places you haven't personally visited?

I love sharing the inside scoop on places that are near and dear to me, but I'm a researcher so I love planning for new-to-me destinations, too! So, how does that work exactly? That's where our amazing team of travel partners come in. They're located across the globe and specialize in certain destinations to provide insight and guidance as we craft a super special itinerary for your escape. Our network of travel pros helps us with getting the best intel from far-flung locales so we can help design a great itinerary. 

what's the best way for us to communicate?

That's totally up to you! For our initial call, I'm all about the face-to-face (thank you, Zoom!) so we can say hello in person and get to know each other. From there, I'm happy to work with your preferences. Easier to pop off an email? I'm super responsive and happy to share details in writing so we can keep track of our progress. If you'd prefer a phone call, I'm always here to chat, too!

what if i need to cancel my trip?

Cancellation costs and cancellation windows vary by supplier. Due to the customized nature of your getaway, trip insurance is highly recommended in the event you need to cancel or postpone your trip. If you would like guidance on insurance policies that may suit your needs, including the ability to cancel for any reason, please let us know.

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